Hi Chris, many thanks for your kind words. Indeed, in a world where men can get pregnant, pigs can surely fly! But it seems to me that the truth is the new black these days We win!

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Yes Alex.

As the old-saying goes "The more I know, the more I understand how, less and less I know".

What the TPTB do always is, erase/delete as much as possible what is said the first 24-hours of any FF/false flags. Yep. Control-the-Narrative is the Modus Operandi for the plebs, since Antiquity.

I've been living in Sweden/Scandinavia for over 40-years now.

One thing I do know is, normally One get's a *straight answer* from most professional people here if, the 'controlled narrative' hasn't been established yet.

Here are 2-tweets from the day after the explosions:



A few days later, I remember reading/seeing on the nationalpublic broadcaster-SVT that after the first official camera-visual inspections, the type of damage done would require up to 500 kg TNT.

Well, Well.

A little yacht transported 8-bombs alá 800-4,000 kg TNT plus a decompression chamber and, assorted necessities for a bang-of-a-boating trip?

Elementary school mathematics should do to realize the equation doesn't add-up.

Yeah. Pigs can fly[lie] ya'know. Ya'know.

To my point.

I grew up just outside of Manhattan in NJ.

People there always spoke, let's call it the unadulterated truth. Not the pc-bs propaganda line.

I've understood I know very little about alot after almost 70-years being around this place called Earth. (wink wink)

So Alex.

Continue *The Great Work* You've been doing the past few years.

Much Appreciated.

Best Regards Chris in Sweden

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People say they want the truth, but in reality most do not. For instance, the truth is there is a God and He is LORD. But people do not like admitting to this fact. Why, because then there is One who knows right from wrong (sin - that dreaded word) and being told you’re a sinner (the truth) is too much for most too handle. So instead, …”everyone did what was right in his own eyes.” (Judges 21:25). Until we admit we need God’s help navigating this world, the truth is just some abstract concept.

Thanks for your insight Alex, it’s always appreciated.

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Mar 15, 2023Liked by Alex Krainer

we didn't put a man on the moon.

6 men in a dingy didn't explode underwater gas pipelines.

men aren't women.

basic stuff, really. (obviously i'm stealing my material from you alex)

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What the HELL, you mean it wasn't the Ukrainian "yachtsmen" that blew up Nordstream? I honestly can't determine which is more ridiculous-the 'yachtsmen' story; or the fact it took 'my' gov a month to come up w/that hot garbage. Thanks Alex!

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Mar 15, 2023Liked by Alex Krainer

Like so many things these days, those who can deal with reality are forced to kneel to mediocrity, made to repeat what The Party tells them, made to submit to the fallacies of the weak of mind and spirit, simply because "they can't handle the truth".

The Pandora's box, or garden apple depending on your perspective, of our modern interconnected world, will bring about the storms that eventually cut the herds.

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As far as "...understanding the motivations..." goes there are two main ones that stand out for me.

Back in the 60's computer scientist Jay Forester, inventor of RAM memory recovery and also credited with developing the field of System Dynamics is quoted as saying;

"Many industrialized nations are now growing rapidly and placing ever-greater demands on world resources. Many of those resources come from the presently underdeveloped countries. What will happen when the resource-supplying countries begin to withhold resources because they foresee the day when their own demand will require the available supplies? ... Will the developed nations stand by and let their economies decline while resources still exist in other parts of the world? Will a new era of international conflict grow out of pressures from resource shortage?"

The obvious answer is yes and indeed they started a few decades earlier. So the "resource curse" is not only about getting the natural resources from where ever they may be, but it is also about making damn sure nobody else uses them. Its called Demand Destruction and it is not limited to countries with resources.

The other motivation has been to make sure that there would never be equality or as the Owners think of it, there will never be any restrictions on the ability to get rich, and getting rich off the backs of others to be more specific. This has always been called anti-communism/socialism and pro capitalism but those are all just empty terms used to destroy equality.

The west has successfully addressed both of the above motivations for well over a 100 years now. There is much crossover benefits to both of those too.

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Well said. Great quotes 👍

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Mar 15, 2023Liked by Alex Krainer

I listened to the presentation after you brought it to our attention: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQkH288vBhQ&t=8s

What shocked me is how they covered their bases "legal-istically" speaking! That there are no treaties or international law rules for dealing with exploding pipelines per se! Do you realize there's ONE remaining gas pipe feeding German industry....the Baltic pipeline, off the very same Bornholm island used to blow up the Nordstream pipeline! The Baltic pipe goes........so goes Germany. ONe last artery. THe gall of the "kinetics" crew in Murica is just astounding, but then again, every criminal has a certain recklessness.

I was looking at the cement coating of a pipeline like Nordstream, as Hersh mentioned in his speech: Company called Eupec provided Nordstream cement shield for both weighting, and corrosion resistance: https://www.eupec-pipecoatings.com/solutions/concrete-weight-coating/

There's a nice picture there of what the coating looks like. It's not THAT thick.

Then i was thinking about the Japanese (JAXA) Hayabusa space-war craft:


The above is the drawing of the plastic expl. chamber....the business end of the payload, which sends a copper slug into enemy craft!

Here's a test video sound and all, of what a 5kg plastic exp sounds like and how the copper slug impacts:


If hayabusa can do this in space, it can be done underwater. No nordstream pipe nor any other will withstand that impact! 10kg total.

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I attended also, by zoom. Thought it was great. The value of his contributions are incalculable. And there is much much more to the story. Of course we all have our take on things. I feel … getting close to being free!

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I have written an essay that covers most but not all of it. Do you have somewhere I could send it so I don't have to post it in comments? You can use any part or all of it if you want I need no credit.

I'm sure you have probably already seen this video of Mark Mills but it is dense with info that is a big part of the issue. He is a quite a bit over optimistic about addressing the problems but he doesn't hold back.


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