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Alex - thank you, this is fascinating. It is not possible to get a copy of the original text of T&H as you say. Your points are extremely interesting as far they go, but do you know where one might get an analysis of the whole text? Thank you.

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Actually, one of the most opaque institutions in the UK is the Bank of England. We know that it was originally a Rothschild bank but we are supposed to believe that it was nationalized after WW2, with no compensation paid to its former owners. However, the key corporate organizing documents are not only, not available, but covered by the Official Secrets Act. So far as I am aware, only one MP's have been brave enough to table a question in Parliament about this, who was essentially rebuffed, quoting a convention that is normally only used to shield the personal affairs of the Royal Family from parliamentary scrutiny. Heaven only knows what the truth is.

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