Great podcast and it was amazing to see all of you in one setting! The idea of China & Russia's offer to preserve Zelensky against an imminent death row is one of the most controversial and yet sensible. I am not sure how it will play out and how Zelensky is willing to give up all of the wealth that he had been rewarded by his puppet masters, guess we will see. fascinating times indeed.

Curious about your take on what is the next big thing that awaits us, once the Ukraine business is concluded: Western financial collapse, Taiwan escalation, or another "plandemic", maybe?

Thank you!

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Thank you Alex for clearing up situation. Drones attack on Kremlin was obvious set up by Zelensky handlers to escalate situation. Let’s see if his handlers will try to get rid of him while he’s on the “tour” and blame it to Russians. We need him alive

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Eventually Elenskyy will spill the bean. Even if only in an off the record capacity. Perhaps to a neutral party? Am so worry the answer to the european social chaos crisis would be to conscript the migrants to be liquidated in an enlarge conflict. I tho i would never see this level of hatred from european leaders , i am 45 and i sure haven't forget the lessons from ww2 . London really want that war.

What do you make of Prigozhin ? to me it look like a bait , bolster confidence inside the UA troops?

Alex Mercouris take was : Prigozhin need vacation hahahah. Its an information war afterall , right?

Best wishes from Canada.

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I agree with most of your analysis. However, this particular statement caught my attention: "Volodymyr Zelensky has clearly defied his western handlers." I doubt he can act independently anymore. There isn't enough coke in all of Kiev left. That phone call seemed to be planned since Xi and Putin met in Moscow. Another perspective to consider, keeping in mind the West's arrogance, is that the CIA and Pentagon may view any peace talks or Chinese involvement in a potential ceasefire as a possibility for creating a rift between Russia and China.

As for my perspective on where the conflict currently stands, I believe that the U.S. will continue to push towards its ultimate goal of completely destroying Russia, without any intention of stopping, no matter the cost in Ukrainian lives (or the lives of Poles tomorrow).

Your conclusion that "we may see more surreal twists in the days ahead" strikes a chord with me; I could not agree more.

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City of London~Crown Corporation~Rottenchildren ~Crown Agents LTD are playing their cards right. While western house is collapsing, they are staying on top of the roof and will walk out of rubble without a scratch. In the meantime, make money and send more people to the meat-grinder... who is next? Southern Slavs? Looking forward to listening your podcast! Nice to hear you on Henningsen’s twitter spaces today. Human beings are next big commodity- “Social capital” is the gold bar.

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Thanks to Tom Luongo, I found you Alex. That podcast was the meeting of four great minds.

We are living in a house of mirrors, where you can be sure of very little beyond the malfeasance and lack of any rational regard for the citizens of western countries by the political leaders of those countries. The Gordian knot these nefarious fools have foisted upon us will surely be untied by reality's sword. I appreciate your efforts to help us navigate these times while we do what we can to avoid that blade, which must come, but where and when is unknown.

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Rock-solid *argumentation* Alex. I'm even more impressed than usual when hearing your in-depth /detailed reasoning. And.

I enjoyed your choice of BJ & Sir R. photo. Couldn't help but read the 'body language' in the photo-portrait i.e. Sir R. is 'holding onto his back pockets to protect his wallet and his rollex-address book'' while BJ just can't help himself with his hands in jacket pockets instead of his normal hands in pant's pockets 'playing with himself'/3rd leg. lol

Thanks Alex.

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When things go "tits up" as Mr Dearlove might say, all manner of skeletons come out of closets!

Have you seen today's WSJ article (rather, "burn notice") on Leon Black, former(!) head of Apollo Global private equity group: https://ibb.co/HFvN0hy

Above image, taken from today's WSJ article (https://www.wsj.com/articles/jeffrey-epstein-calendar-bill-gates-leon-black-thomas-pritzker-62d7590)

The data-loving business reader should notice the disparity of frequencies of meetings with Jeffrey Epstein with "big names" over the pivotal mid 2013-mid 2015 years among the bigwigs he was seeing. What could possibly going on?

Clearly, it doesn't take a data scientist for one to realize the MOST torrid frequent discussions involved Leon Black. Perhaps, in my imagining of events, the torridly frequent Leon Black meetings reflect Mr Black putting deals together USING mr Epstein as a go-between, with Ms Reummler ( "her current role as general counsel at Goldman Sachs, Ms. Ruemmler is co-chair of its reputational risk committee"...per WSJ) (LOL you can not make this stuff up) as administrative executor.

2014-2015 is also the time when Ms Nuland told the EU to "fork off" during the Ukraine Maidan biscuit sharing session, or such.

2015 is also the time when Mr Black fell out with his consenting Girlfriend, Ms Guzel Ganieva, after which, i suppose if i read it correctly, he felt the need to spend ~$2mn to get her a UK green card. Possibly, in my mosaic view, some terms were "breached" between Ganieva and Leon Black whereby he felt the need to pay reparations? Perhaps the neocons breaking out the Maidan war coup at the time was a part of the breach of contract between Ms Ganieva (who, we are now told was a Russian agent) and Mr Black.

Also, today Mr Black's former firm, Apollo, just privatised Aerospace Aluminum frame manufacturer Arconic.

The way i see it, after ruminating on these Epstein stories, Apollo is a big geopolitical power broker and fixer and go between for Anglo Imperial grand global strategy, for which Apollo extracts it's yield.

[As a private company, Arconic could be free to send aircraft materials to hidden places without disclosure. Eventually, i guess, Apollo will magically find a buyer to flip Arconic to in 4 years time or so.]

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It's possible that the real reason the west, Nato/US swooped into Ukraine was to keep China from waltzing in there first.

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Hey Alex, have you come across The Slavland Chronicles, also of this parish/platform? Radically different take.

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A Nato attack in the hope that Russia immediately take out Zelensky.

Interesting idea - it would certainly solve a lot of Nato problems - no Zelensky, a replacement Zelensky who might negotiate a peace "against the protests of Nato" - perfect.

Certainly all media, pro-Russia and pro-kiev seem to be convinced Russia will take him out soon.

If I were Zelensky I'd be very scared of returning to Kiev. Or going to UK or any of those countries that like to create fake spectacles like the Skripals.

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It's also being suggested that a "fall-back" plan for the West would be to agree a settlement and accept Chinese proposals to be allowed to rebuild Ukraine. It is deemed unlikely that Putin would re-invade if it would mean the destruction of Chinese-owned infrastructure.

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Some of this goes back to at least the "British" version of the Empire, where they always wanted to control the space between Asia and Europe and keep them separate. This was carried on thru "Neo-cons" in the US who were disciples of a couple of generations of Empire agents in the US. In Modern times it is definitely to stop BRI as well.

But IMO, and it is just an opinion, there is a millennium old hatred of Russia by the Empire. The Russians drove them off their homeland (Ukraine, SW Russia, Georgia) 1000 years ago. As they seized power in Europe, they financed armies to invade and destroy Russia many times.

Xi and Putin know this, and know exactly who they are fighting. They know what the Empire did to China and Russia. Their public statements in the previous years confirm this for me.

If the west loses in Ukraine, my guess is PMC Wagner has a new mission. And the Chinese will help.

And I think the Empire knows this.

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