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I watched about a third of the Rumble video yesterday, leaving the remainder for today.

Or so I thought.

Now the video seems gone ... ;-o

Not sure if it's a hitch at Rumble, a general restriction, or a specific censorship attempt.

The part I viewed did not seem so dangerous, but who knows.

One cannot really be sure in times like this ...

Anyway, I agree very much to your assessment of ownership under "capitalism".

The state dispossessing you for failing to pay "property tax" is the same as your landlord throwing you out for failing to pay the rent for your flat.

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RE: your tweet ca. 1-hr ago>>>

"On The Other Side of Fear"- R.Sacco https://twitter.com/RobertSacco18/status/1653037932742320128/photo/1

1 of my *Brothers of Another Mother*- Stefan Ver-Stappen(Dutch-name but 100% Canadian), has a tremendous, well-written description of the 'physiological processes' involved in the Human Brain i.e. Frontal-Cortex, Amygdala, etc when it comes to the literal physical processes of *FEAR*. Pretty-Good in a simplified but to the point technical Biology lingo.

Please Listen Everyone. You-All will not waste 1-second of your time. Here: "The Tyranny of Words - Complete Essay by Dr. R. Kapp MD" https://www.bitchute.com/video/3ish2sSqJ4w/

Personally, I consider it a 'masterpiece'.

As with All of my *Brothers*, I do not share specific...let's call'em ideological/principles/opinions/etc.

Anyway, Dr Ron's short 45-minute dissertation is IMHO absolutely, positively Spot-On.

Wanna know, how the 'controllers' exploit Our...*thought/behavioral processes*. Dr Ron & Stefan V make it simplified & clear. Should be easy for your-Readers Alex. Thanks & Regards ;) & :)

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Hello Alex & All. A little-bit off-topic but, let' call-it a 'reposé' for You-Alex so that You can enjoy your *Croatian Family Holiday*. Perhaps I can provide a 'breather/breathing room' so You don't need to do soo much for your followers and concentrate on your Walpurgisnacht.

Off-topic but for a reason; I'm just tryin' to be 'heavy-duty'-informative in the meantime so People can get more 'base knowledge'.

So. I'm looking forward to the unadulterated podcast from yesterday's CR-BTC discussion which You linked to. ;) & :)

And a couple of days ago I came across a new and very interesting 'premieré' with Noor bin Ladin & Richard Poe. Richard's knowledge is quite extraordinary. He misses some 'key details/facts' in the wonderful 2-hr discussion, but, who knows everything. And Yes. 2...*Sephardics* from 2/or perhaps 1 of *Sem's Tribe*. Among the other expression's of our common Forefathers i.e. an alliteration of...our *Human Race*.

Absolutely Wonderful and, confirming most Humans are genuinely good-at-heart. So. Enjoy Everyone:

"Noor Bin Ladin Calls... Richard Poe" https://rumble.com/v2jowpc-noor-bin-ladin-calls...-richard-poe.html https://twitter.com/NoorBinLadin/status/1649772961216208896 https://twitter.com/NoorBinLadin/status/1649772961216208896

Sources that should be considered:




ps. No Reply required Alex. Enjoy Your Family's 'quality time' now. ;) & :) Chris

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The biggest question of all is: Is China globalist operators doing this or is it Xi included? Is Putin pretending to be the opposition or have they carved up the globe and are just staging the conflict for the transition and sacrificing Ukraine for the job? I have yet to see proof one side or the other.

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Cannot get any sound on Rumble videos of you or Awakening or Matt Ehret but that may just be me.

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What a great conversation. I loved hearing from both of you. You seamlessly blend the high-level with the down-to-earth. I appreciate you taking the time to share this.

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Thanks again Alex for another great one. I was wondering if it would be possible in a future newsletter if you could walk us through the math you are referring to (or maybe there's an old post where you broke this down that you can point me to) with why this fractional reserve banking system requires government to participate in the economy and why the spending has to increase year after year and eventually become exponential. I can tell that you are 100% correct on this just by doing a quick search of some historical data on government spending, but I really want to understand the mechanics of this, as a lot of people in my life now are starting to see the problems. They are blaming Justin Trudeau, or Biden, etc. etc., but I'm trying to explain to them that they need to look at the underlying financial system if they truly want to make some sense of it all.

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An excellent, reality-based discussion with Col. Murray that everyone should watch. Hopefully, we will live to see the denoument of the liberal-fascist CFR/UN/WEF network, but I have my doubts that the "China model" would actually be an improvement.

(note: for some reason, the video channel links above are not properly formatted)

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