This post has aged very badly, Alex 😂😂😂😂.

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Oct 14, 2022Liked by Alex Krainer

This post has aged very very well.

Ukraine lost tens of thousands in dead, Russia very little.

Very limited strategic gains were made by Ukraine, some of the more important being reversed right now.

After 6 months of blatant lies by Kiev over the state of the fighting, many western have just turned on the "I believe" switch as they repeat them.

This was artillery vs artillery and Russia was winning hands down by having 10x the equipment and firing 10x the number of shells. All Ukraine has achieved is to change it to untrained Troops vs artillery. Keep advancing and you can gain some territory, but the costs are enormous. And the horrendous guilt lies with the Nato leaders that are sending these untrained troops commanded by suddenly retired Nato NCOs into battle.

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