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I’m 7 years into my BDS of the system. I will not pay them to use my labor for their illicit means based in greed and narcissism.

I want to pay taxes… I want to participate in this world… I am one of the most dedicated persons I know, and my work ethics proves it.

I would like to, but cannot be a subscriber to these types of amazing writers… no banks hold my gold…with no bank card I have no method available to access the things I want… nothing is abundantly available to the likes of me… everything is all locked up in the system. Therefore, I do use cash… reluctantly, because I have needs.

Maybe you’ll accept gold? But will IRS agents come guns-a-blazing to both our doors if I used, and you accepted gold as payment?

7 years I’ve been trying to figure out how to make this work… every time I come up with something; I hear news of someone’s home getting ransacked for doing the same thing. Cases in point; the Amish and organic non-GMO, non-steroid foods sellers at local levels.

This need to be fussed about… but little as I find joy in complaining, I’d rather just be left alone.

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Great work, how do we start digging us there? The Green Taliban is in full swing burning down food storage and processing plants. Prices for things like gasoline , electricity & central heating will soon make these items a luxury of the past.... If you drive through small villages and towns in southern and eastern Europe in particular, you kind get a glimps of a future that does not want or need us...

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