"The shiny new world war in the Pacific would deflect people's attention from the metastasizing crises at home"?

A shiny new war with China would last 90 minutes, given China's vastly superior arsenal. Then it's back to whatever shreds of civic life survived the onslaught.

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THANK YOU once more, Alex! This is what gets me about otherwise clever people in the US: they distrust the media on all things “COVID”— and then turn around and believe them on everything about China and Russia!!

Thank you for this most-needed post!!

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I can't afford the bandwidth for a 25 minute video, but I recently began to question the China "narrative" when I saw a poll of how many would fight for their countries if attacked.

China was #1. 80% of their polled population would defend their country. Iirc Russia was #2 with 70+ %.

US was well down the list in the low 30s.

Clearly China & Russia must be doing something right.

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Well the "good" news is they're having trouble recruiting these days. Too many fat, illiterate, addicted, our of shape & sickly applicants.

Just another reason for stirring up trouble & triggering proxy wars against their perceived "enemies",(ie wealthy countries who have their shit together)

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I find it so much easier to assume that the US has already lose hegemony to China (or a multi-polar world lead by China).

We can interpret stupid acts of aggression - like provoking war in Ukraine as spiteful acts of losers rather than just incredibly dumb acts by a side that was actually ahead. We can interpret the heroically calm responses of Russia (to 2022) and China still as knowing responses to Childish bad temper.

Everything makes so much more sense. (and what is more it is probably true).

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You consistently hit the bull's eye, Alex.

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READING now...

Addendum is coming...


Re: "On Sunday, 10 January, Lieutenant General James Bierman, the commanding general of the Third Marine Expeditionary Force gave an interview to the Financial Times in which he said that his command is working hard to replicate the empire's military success...".(1)

My Remark is, Yes. The *Praetorian Guard* was never disbanded, as the *Roman Empire* was neither".

Yes. The *[r]oman Empire* and the earlier versions since Sumeria/Babylon never ceased to exist. It's been, thru out History a *transmutation process*. After the 563A.D.-*atomic winter', Rome's so-called 'elite' established themselves in Venice i.e. a type of mini-mini island fortress. Soon, the biggy-island fortress of Albion/Brittain w/Londinium became the real-maritime fortress. Throughout the period, ALL of the Gold in excess began to be transferred to a 'mountainous fortress' which is today...Switzerland. Let's call-it...a 'big-safety deposit-box'. A physical...bank vault, defended by the most advanced mercenaries of its time. Most people don't know...the *Swiss Guard* defending the Vatican/Rome was to 100% able-fighting Men from the *Swiss Aristocracy*(!!!). Yep. There We have the Rome/Vatican Connection.

Yes. Rome-Center of History Control & Social Constructs know as 'religion'. Londinium-Operative Financial HQ, shared with the *original gangsters* in Zürich/Bern/Lucerne. Washington D.C.- Military Operative HQ with the help of Sir William Samuel Stephenson:



Re: "....Stated otherwise, one nation has launched more than 80% of all overseas military operations since WWII. ..Somehow however, they always get more war. How can that be?...".(2)

My Remark is, it never was suppose to be anything either than the 'military arm' of the '[e]mpire-vampires'.

Re: "… it’s about the American people".(3)

My Remark is, IMHO, 100% Spot-On.

btw, most people forget about Marco Polo's 17 years in China, following the *Silk Road* during the late 1200's. Guess What? Where did the 'red-shield/ratshits from Frankfurt' get their...'seeding/start money' from? Well...ever hear of...the *sassons from Baghdad'? Or perhaps these...non-know characters from the pre-1700's?

Read. Time to, 'fall-off-your-chair' :

a) Comment #443 https://www.unz.com/pgiraldi/horror-in-beirut/?showcomments#comment-4101865

b) Comment #445 https://www.unz.com/pgiraldi/horror-in-beirut/?showcomments#comment-4101887

c) Comment#490 https://www.unz.com/pgiraldi/horror-in-beirut/?showcomments#comment-4104335

Yep. Been goin' on for a few millennium now.

ps. I'm sure You-Alex got my mail 2-days ago. Yep. It's *Chris*. :)

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If I were Xi and Putin, I would do a massive PR campaign to EU and US people. That they are not against western people, only western Oligarchy. That we all face the same enemy.

The EU and NATO are fracturing, which is good. Unfortunately the rest of what will happen in Europe might be horrific. The US is going to go thru something between civil unrest and civil war. I would guess closer to civil unrest.

I am a patriot of my country, and am on the side of patriots from every country. I hope the BRICS are successful in breaking free from western Central Banking colonialism. What has been done to them under European and US flags needs to end. I am rooting for them.

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With the Great Reset now over (thanks Vlad and Xi), I think the Empire is in "Plan B" mode. That will be impossible without the US either being completely destroyed, or subjugated. I think they prefer us being subjugated, but I don't see how they pull it off, even with them controlling the Fed government at this time. If we are not subjugated, we remain a threat to them.

So what is up to bat in the next 6 months? Good question. To subjugate us, they need to disarm us. My guess would be a combination of race riots (already happening), mass shootings (already happening), and some huge False Flag stuff blamed on White Supremists, China, and Russia.

IMHO, the average American is so disgusted by their own government I don't see any FF stuff working to unite the people against a different enemy.

I came to the conclusion over a year ago the only logical move for the Empire is to destroy America. Destroying the grid would be my choice.

But I think they will make at least one more attempt to disarm us. And I think that is coming very soon. It will not work.

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Spot on, the war against Russia and the one being nurtured now against China are all about distraction as the US empire collapses and they attempt to pillage the last of the value before it does.

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While it would be an overstatement to say US long-term foreign policy is driven by domestic politics -- clearly it is not -- so much of the day-to-day management of said matters seems to be driven by short-term electoral considerations. One wonders how much longer this can last; surely it is not sustainable.

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It is so frustrating to know that very few people understand these issues the way you and your regular reads understand them. How on earth can we ever break the mass of Americans out of their propaganda-induced hypnosis and help them understand what is being done to them, and who is doing it?

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Excellent essay. I would like to point out that the US warmongers are being used by the occult oligarchy. They are not one in the same.

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Army Secretary Christine Wormuth, together with the secretaries of the Navy and Air Force, are members of the liberal-fascist Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), which has controlled US policy and the media since WW2.

Other CFR members on the "Biden team" include the secretaries of State, Treasury, Defense, Commerce, and 'Homeland Security'. Also the CIA director, Fed chairman, and dozens of deputies, advisors, ambassadors, etc. See chart showing CFR media control: swprs.org/the-american-empire-and-its-media/

John Bolton, a "senior fellow" at the neocon American Enterprise Institute (AEI), is a former CFR member. AEI chairman Daniel D'Aniello and CFR chairman David Rubenstein are co-founders of the war-profiteer Carlyle Group. Rubenstein is a trustee at the Davos WEF. Fed chair Powell is a former Carlyle partner.

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Spot on, Alex!!

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I appreciate this article's perspective and feel somehow saner reading it. Thank you for your work.

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