Nice article. To quote another great mind:

"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root."

-Henry David Thoreau

The root of evil is the love of money, and those who love money most own and operate the International and central banks.

Get as much Bitcoin, silver, gold, food, friends, guns, ammo, and tribe as you think is appropriate under these circumstances. It looks like we may actually resolve this question in our lifetimes. Be of good cheer, fam, we're gonna make it.


Covid 19 vaccine damage repair protocols:


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Nov 13, 2022Liked by Alex Krainer

It goes much deeper than that. All wars are bankers wars; have been since Baron Rosthchild realized that his banks could profit from financing both sides, Napoleon on one side and Britain on the other. It has been that way with banks ever since. Any wonder that bankers are secretly behind every major war ever since? Any suspicion that ultra-wealthy bankers fomented the covid hoax so they could profit from the economic dislocation? One key thing to remember: ultra-wealthy globalists regard humanity and humans as cattle; they have absolutely zero empathy for the carnage they create; all that matters is accumulation of wealthy (at our expense) and power.


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The Biden Administration as well as Boris Johnson’s GB together with NATO started this war to cover up election fraud, the Covid/vaccine scam and most of all the political and financial failure of the socialist Western massively over leveraged financial system.

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No one is addressing the root issue that is the room that houses the gorilla filling it.

One question exposes the root issue of the large majority of break downs in our American culture.

Who owns the money and the money, valuation, transfer, and protection of commerce systems?

Of course the operations of the Federal Reserve private money system substituting for lawful money is the answer.

When a federal or a state judge claims that they work for the People, in the People’s building called the courthouse, applying to Peoples law and they are paid in Federal Reserve private money, who do they work for?

I have asked over 5000 people question and the answer is 100% the same.

The Federal Reserve of course!

Change the party to a politician, any public servant, any attorney, or doctor, the answer is still the same.

When our country does not on the money that circulates and facilitates all of our commerce, do we have a country, a Republic or a commercial enterprise owned by the private money?

Does the term “debt slave” now have a new meeting and understanding?

Below article exposes the root of the corruptions, we as Americans are finally waking up to.



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The discussion is somewhat above my pay grade, so I can only humbly report on my thoughts while reading:

1. The underlying mental processes of the West are puzzling.

Once, the West appeared to be a formidable fusion of intelligence, power, and malignancy.

Now, its malignancy subverts its power, which is quite a failure of its intelligence.

2. An empire in ~30 years of depression, while being at the zenith of its power! I’d like to be pointed to literature that goes into the detail of it.

3. It all revolves around the international banking cartel, and that cartel is against Russia, and the Central Bank of Russia is said by Russian economists to serve the said cartel,




... so that all taken together reminds us of the phrase “the crooked timber of humanity.”

4. Blackpilling: We generally think of the American-led order as contending with China at the moment.

Wait, but Chinese society is currently predicated on the same instrument of expansion, industrial capitalism. Moreover, it adopted this from the West. https://twitter.com/miltonwrites/status/1264319689058066432 So, contrary to the view espoused in the article, the challenge and the danger from stagnation are going to remain regardless of the end of the empire of lies.


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Good article ... I have been working on a project since 2016. I believe it is the alternative to the Great Reset and might be the only thing that can change the path the world is heading to at this moment. I love to have a deep conversation with you on my work. Maybe it's something you interest in being on the grassroots level to bring out its message. The Hanomy system (economies in harmony) is a worldwide paradigm shift in the social, financial, and political systems to harmonize living for all. Materials can be found at Hanomy.com I have grown a lot with the project in the last 10 months and there is so much more not on the (primitive) website with the recent growth. I am now trying to finish a new document, a more precise in-and-out of the Hanomy system so that this document can be where people can go to to understand it. Let's talk, you seem to understand the situation as I do. At lease please read the two 2-pages introductions, a Letter From the Author ... if not the 140 pages Hanomy Manifesto itself. WisateK@Hanomy.com Any of reader who likes to help me get this project of the ground, please contact me as well. Thank you for your work. Let's Make History Together.

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That's a great post there Alex. Luongo has said we're in a 300 yr plus cycle that begins w/the BoE act 1694. We should know who you're talking about-CB's, BIS, and IMF!

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