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I am glad I found you, Alex. I cannot stand the lies. They surround me in my daily life as well as on the global scale thanks to my government and their over-lords. I am in Britain and have ordered your book but there is a delay as it needs to be re printed! Such is the demand. I do hope you can send me a PDF* but only when you have time. I am probably on your list. Congratulations on the response you have generated to your interviews and writing.

* alisonfletch@hotmail.com

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Your book about Browder is really excellent Alex and should be read by everybody who wants to understand just what the US and 'the collective West' have perpetrated against Russia since the early 1990's and how Browder (now the darling of the UK intelligence community) continues to play his part in the disgusting deception.. But of course Browder is just one of the deceptive creeps helping to lie about just about everything. The role played by anglo-american banking cabal and the IMF, World Bank, USAID etc etc needs to be fully understood. Clearly, however, the countries (which just happen to contain the majority of human beings) outside of the collective West realize this only too well and that the world has been pushed to an inflection point and this time they are absolutely are not going to comply. Hence the ghouls, divided amongst themselves and only united by their relentless selfish greed for power, consider themselves facing an existential threat. They are. And they will not triumph...

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Harley Schlanger featured it in the background just yesterday. Looking forward to reading.

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I will try to buy your book through one of the links. I spent the last 3 years trying to figure out WTF was going on in the world. I ended up coming to the exact conclusions you did, then heard you on a couple of GGG podcasts.

History needs to be rewritten and taught. Everything we were taught was BS. I am not sure how accurate my new worldview is. I am hoping 60%. I doubt 70%. Specifically I know little about the Empires' power structure within Islam, but I know they control it just like the Vatican, City of London, and Wash DC.

We the People keep losing because the Empire plans AND EXECUTES out 100-200 years, including teaching their descendants the plans and their part in it.

But first we need to finish the job at hand, which is stopping wars and the insanity being pushed on us. Then deal with the families that have done this to us for centuries.

I firmly believe Xi and Putin know exactly who they are fighting. Their enemy is the same as We the People. We need to somehow convey that message to as many people as we can.

It is time for the Empire to end.

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In a jungle of propaganda, deceptions and lies and with more skeletons falling out of the closet by the day it is hard work navigating (especially with light, hope and a sense of truth in one’s heart) and ploughing one’s way through all the noice and dangerous crap. But then, the voices of calm sense and reason - when they emerge - become all the more brighter and stronger.

Like a bell. It’s chime does not lie and is easily recognized by its purity. (Especially if it is made of a certain good quality metal)

I agree with another person in the thread here who’s in her comment says that she is glad to have found you. Cause I am also.

And I find it empowering and inspiring to read your words and hear your voice in the midst of all the doom, gloom and nonsense fed to us like relentless pollution out there.

So, thank you once more. Your work is much appreciated.


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Browder, with the aid of his WEF/Globalist/Elitist pal Chrystia Freeland has immersed himself into Canadian politics & has managed to get her to implement the Magnitsky Act in Canada




Today's G&M paper (who are on Trudeau/Freeland Govt payroll) write an 'Opinion' piece on Browder

"Kremlin critic Bill Browder is urging Canada to find and freeze dirty money. Will Ottawa heed his call?"


Freeland/Trudeau have used a version of the Magnitsky Act on its own citizens, locking up Freedom Convoy protestors & freezing/seizing their bank accounts.

Browder, Freeland, Trudeau are all crazy & evil

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I liked the Original title better. “The Killing of William Browder”🙏👏🏻

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Izvrstan rad Alex, kada budes imao vremena mozes mi poslati PDF? Jos jednom hvala na svim ovim artiklima!

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