Worst case I will become a squatter on a parcel of Bill Gates or Ted Turners farmland. The global population of parasitic billionaires should be massively reduced. They will realize all the people around them are employees, loyal only to a paycheck. Their assets will be up for grabs.

We are coming up to an event horizon. There is a good chance that the future for most of the world will be much brighter, or at least there is an opportunity for one. If I was living somewhere in Europe, I would consider emigrating somewhere safer.

I am 40% allocated to energy and mining stocks. The rest is liquid waiting for a big drop, then I will go all in.

All information and all markets are being massively manipulated. Government economic data is a joke.

The Empire is on the ground, flopping around and screaming. Putin and Xi need to put a bullet in its head.

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Just-a-Note. re: Alexander Hamilton

Yep. A real 100% bonefide bastard. Born & raised by a well-known group of 'slave traders' in the Caribbean. A Hamilton was 'groomed'(both in the classical and(!), modern-sense', with a parasitic-knee jerk reaction to the 'patrician class'. I could go on and on and in more detail among other things 'the Federalist Papers' and...'central banking' but, I'll stop now.

Yep. A real bastard... >>>

"Alexander Hamilton (January 11, 1755 or 1757[a] – July 12, 1804) was a Nevisian-born American military officer, statesman, and Founding Father who served as the first Secretary of Treasury from 1789 to 1795 during George Washington's presidency.

Born out of wedlock in Charlestown-Nevis, Hamilton was orphaned as a child and taken in by a prosperous merchant. He pursued his education in New York City where, despite his young age, he was...."




From what I've understood from research, A. Hamilton would fit-in perfectly with the *Village People* ;) among other places, Greenwich Village. "Swingin'...with/@the YMCA, as the UsA was a-startin'".

Yep. "Party-time Everyone...New Yaark New Yaark...New Amsterdam... New Amsterdam".



Anyway, Thanks Alex! For those that can, I'd surely would definitely 'take Alex's Advice" regarding trends. At my age however, I find bein' multi-skilled in gardening/food production, able to fix/repair anything in my house and bein' a born 'sharpshooter' on most things-a-movin' both animate/inanimate is certainly a +++plus.

Wealth preservation is important for those younger than myself. Statically-speaking, at my age, I have a 50-50 chance of having another birthday. The 'Wisdom and Insight' I've achieved regarding *birthdays* is the following; "We All are born in our "Birthday Suit" and, at the mortician's, We All are in our 'birthday cloths/suits'. Before being 'drained of our last, existing, Life-Blood'. The Vampire-Class have takin' alot. But, in My case, they ain't got what that wanted. The most precious of All. *My Soul*.

...cheers and enjoy your friday/weekend Everyone. btw, Thanks for ..."puttin' up with Me" Alex.

Best Regards to All ;) :)

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May 13Liked by Alex Krainer

Once again...applause...applause. Very useful essay and reference articles. Thanks Alex!

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Brother Alex, actually at my age I could easily say...'My Son'.

Yes...."the Question". The Question... I love this short-piece.; i.e., the '*Present* ie. meaning the "Now" and/or gift of Life)*/i.e. the 100%-opposite of the transliteration of [e]vil/*Present* of Life' : vs [e]vil.


According to Nepolean Bonaparte, "History is the story agreed upon by the Victors". So.

Please take 6 minutes and understand, the paramount existential conundrum.

Hamilton? His true-story? Egaltè. Who knows, 2023?

Please take 6-minutes to understand..."Meet Joe Black - Bill meets Joe" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9ofIY3lvng


I'll get-back-later.

My-way-of-thinkin'-is..."How the h_ll am I suppose to know the 100%-truth?".

Regards and...watch this short piece: Anthony Hopkins & Brad Pitt.

A *Classic*!.

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Hi Lubica, yes, I'm afraid i agree with you. The formulation, "to profit from the collapse of Western civilization" is unfortunate as it implies taking advantage of other people's misery. A better formulation - and one I think is 100% legit, would be to simply think in terms of preserving your liberty, maneuvering space and preventing the wicked degenerates from taking power over your will. Also, this should be a personal back-up plan, kind of like a seat-belt or a lifeboat. In the bigger scheme of things, we do collectively need alternative solutions for all of humanity.

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Luckily, we have just paid off the mortgage.

We also have very little money, so any financial impacts are likely to be minimal.

Food and fuel will be the only trouble.

I have to wonder what slow roasted billionaire tastes like.

There should be enough to go around.

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Thank you Alex.....but I have to admit that I have a problem with the question: "Is there any way to profit from the collapse of Western civilization?” If we keep thinking in this way, well......it is hard to think about an alternative. And I sincerely hope that we can find some.

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Hi Alex! I continue and explain...shortly. :)

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