50%-down, in real value is without doubt, highly plausible with the coming 1-1½ years. Regarding the usd & euro. Among other currencies.

The P/E traditional method of evaluating stocks/bonds, 'flew-out-the-door' permanently(!) in 2008.

Certain...metals, will see...tremendous increases.

I remember opening my *Credit Suisse*-account in Cairo 1979 and...within 6-8 months after my purchase of 1+kg Gold parked at the Zürich Airport Depository increased over 3-fold(!!!).

In the Spring of 1980, I met for the 1st-time my own..'private banker' on the Hofbahnstrasse in Zürich. Maurice G, on the 2nd-floor. Persian rugs and crystal-Chandeliers. Nobody else except...the..'concierge(cough-cough). "Want some coffee or tea before M.G. meets You?".

Well. Ok.

Long-story-short. I believe *precious metals* will...accelerate in price, when the 'stock markets drop' dramatically. The time period is...as You-Alex know, a very-short-window.

My own advice is...get-in...then get OUT(!)...ASAP! The timing is critical.

Any...'advice/comments/suggestions Alex'?. Of course...U-don't-ain't givin' no finance advice here...wink-wink :))

Best Regards Chris

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Imagine. The 'perfect shot'.

i.e. Ronald R , coming down the ca. 500m incline from, Töölö/Mehlathi, slowing -down to swing-left at/by Munnkineinipouistie, on RR's journey to meet for the 1st-time, Mikael Gorbechev 1988.

Yep. "talkin' about the-swing...left"....kind'a like JFK.


Or, perhaps, Tony Hagström's HQ's at Televerket's HQ at Gamla Stan.. Slottsbacken...1990-91.

Only about 30meters dirctly across from the *Castle Sweden*.



Or, perhaps, direct daily contact with M. Wallenberg, scion of the Wallenberg-banker-investor oligarchs/SEB-Investor, at Sergels Torgs HQ, in the middle-of-Stockholm 2004. https://duckduckgo.com/?q=Marcus+Wallenberg+SEB&t=ffab&atb=v224-1&ia=web

I abhorred violence. I'm sooo glad, the MK-Ultra...'thing'...never ever gained traction with Me. Yep. Irrespective of Karma, I will never do anyone's 'dirty work'.

100%-True. On My Mother & Father's Grave.


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Alex, thank you! Us for those whose pensions were ‘relocated’ to the sphere of entrepreneurial miracles of the market, news is just too depressing!

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Apr 19·edited Apr 19Author

Well I said I was entirely agnostic about the predictions. Anything specific you disagree with? I'm curious to know, maybe I'm wrong about something.

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"The Trend is your Friend"...optimizing risk...an influential read in my life has been..."The Drunkard's Walk... How Randomness Rules Our Lives"...authored by Leonard Mlodinow...less fat tail and more underlying lizard brained...he posits that we humans filter out chaos...random events...we are deterministic...to overcome the negative outcomes of surprises...providing a false...or limited ability to make predictions...danger/loss avoidance...algos surely help understand history and programable inferences derived from "surprise" aversion...still like the Matrix narrative...a growing number of us are awakening to the reality that our "realities" have been shaped by hundreds of years of psyops...as we wake up en masse...we prefer not to walk off the sidewalk and into a bus...the bus that we were formerly passengers on...I ask have the algos trended for this?

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Somehow I believe your guesstimate is conservative, Alex. For all practical purposes the D word is likely to be revised once millennial jobs are lost and small business starts boarding up. The main question I have is whether the neocons will be able to divert our attention towards Taiwan and successfully close down serious journalism like yours, or will there be a move from the Pentagon to finally counter their malevolent influence. On the latter possibility I link here John Helmer's latest article for your perusal which someone at Locals published this morning. It actually provides some optimism, however scant: https://johnhelmer.net/the-pentagon-papers-are-the-death-rattle-of-the-emperor-not-yet-of-the-empire/

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