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Ouch. (a great analysis, though)

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Well-Done. Yep. The *money supply* M2/M3 is, I've understood is how the 'Shakedown/Shake-out' is orchestrated in the modern era. Including the infamous *margin call*. The Romans, just minted coins with less and less Silver, and off the top of my head, even used copper coins at the very end. The nepotistic-free market capital system nowadays is a farce when the 'goldsmiths' only are required, in law to follow *Basel#1/#2/#3...etc.*; if rules aren't followed...no immediate consequence.

Welcome to Global Wiemar Republic-2023. Personally I believe the 1970's and most-likely a post October 1929 scenario is upon Us All in the West; Stagnation-Inflation-Depression. The *controllers*(not elite 'cause they ain't) use the same MO again. Appears to be in ca. 100 year cycles. Catherine Austin Fitts noticed this about 2 yrs ago, after studying the Northern European History from the 1300's-forward. Never heard her mention it but...it was called the *Hanseatic League*. På Svenska heter det *Hansa*.

Thanks Alex. Take Care :)


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"If wishes were horses...then beggars would ride" Prepping for collapse...no one...throws a switch...we have all been witnessing this in slow motion...for many years now. Unfortunately...the "beggar index" is in an inflationary cycle. Global migration due to war and economic hardship...drug induced poverty...mental illness...and homelessness...are on the rise. The financialization of our existence appears to be the financial criminals latest "smash and grab" extortion scheme. Someone I follow recently quoted David Attenborough's metaphor of ants in a jar..."Place two types of ants in a jar...red ants and black ants...they co-inhabit the jar peacefully. If you shake the jar...they violently attack each other". The societal/civilizational costs are incalculable...and beyond the imagination. Not to be completely deterministic...but there is a strong sense that our jar is being purposefully shaken. Thank you always Alex!

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So Alex, let me see if I got this right.

As we are all in a fractional reserve banking system, money supply generally needs to increase because each additional unit of money has to contribute to interest owing on previous issues of fiat money issuance. (As an aside, when you say “if money supply contracts at all, it may lead to a stock market collapse” are you referring to the rate of change of growth?). Rights of seignorage together with the Cantillon effect grants issuers and initial recipients of fresh money, whether created by central or commercial banks, the muscle to influence markets disproportionately. With the arrival of the Bernanke era QE, money printing has been on steroids. This tsunami of new money is used to pump up the stock market (and other markets too). And due to of the hollowing out of our western economies, as Parsson’s said, it’s got nowhere else to go!

As we have seen so many times now, when a market gets “pumped” expect the smart money to cash out their chips. The really clever game was the creation of a new cult religion – unquestioned belief in the Fed put. But the FRED M2 chart doesn’t just show a reduction in growth of money supply but a massive actual absolute reduction. Shock horror!!

I know you said it’s more complicated, but maybe a large increase in the repatriation of overseas dollars gives cover to the smart money to withdraw from the game. Only later will the dumb money will be disabused of their misplaced faith.

I also see this mapping with the cycle end of the dollar as a reserve currency and the very evident and purposeful collapse of all that was America. Whereupon the Fed will have to pivot and deliver QE to infinity. Hyperinflation anyone? WEF then get to build back better, just like they want.

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Hello Alex & Readers here. I saw a few hrs ago your 're-tweet' of Kees Cramer here :


"In 1938, Lord Halifax envisioned those three blocks:

Germany [as] the dominant power on the continent with predominant rights in southeastern Europe

Britain dominating Euro-Atlantic west in alliance with the United States

Securing Far-Eastern dominions in alliance with Japan...".

So. Once Again Everyone and You-Alex to...time to 'fall off your chair'. Yep. Lord Halifax was ...more a key 'player' than most people realize.

Read/Listen here:

1) at circa 30:00-forward "Cutting Through the Matrix" Special CTTM's Melissa and Weston as Guests on Fakeologist" - https://www.bitchute.com/video/ZzxfpnD5G14Q/

AND(!), documents : 2) "British Commonwealth and the Future: Proceedings of the Second Unofficial Conference on British Commonwealth Relations, Sydney 3rd-17th September, 1938 : Commonwealth Relations Conference (2nd : 1938 : Sydney, Australia) : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive" https://archive.org/details/britishcommonwea00comm/mode/2up

plus, a PDF(!) for ^^above^^ - https://ia600600.us.archive.org/10/items/britishcommonwea00comm/britishcommonwea00comm.pdf

Seriously-speaking, I don't know the proper-modern-colloquial expression regarding this/these details. Which 'pill' is it? Hhhmmm. Perhaps *Truth Pill* or maybe *Sodium Pentothal Shot(truth serum)* is more appropriate. The *PDF* is truly 1-of the the most...'buried facts' that exist. It's not mentioned anywhere in the *History Books*. Alan Watt did truly amazing-work, digging, digging,digging, to uncover this *gem*. Yep. Priceless.

Regards to All. Including the *Nincompoop*. ;)

Sources: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=sodium+pentothal&t=ffab&atb=v224-1&ia=web


ps. I warmly recommend the work of Alan Watt who died 2 yrs ago at the age of 56. His Wife Melissa is, carrying-on Alan's tradition i.e. unadulterated *Truth* thru/from original sources/strait-from-the-mouth-of-the beasts. Can't get much better than that imho.

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Since you mentioned Bill Browder, here's some background on the "Magnitsky story", an example which highlights other forces affecting how "the markets" actually work:

"We return to the first pillar of the U.S. Russiagate story, the 2012 Magnitsky Act, which...is recognized as the beginning of the deterioration of U.S.-Russian relations. It is based on a hoax invented by Browder and easily disproved by documentary evidence... For Browder, the purpose of the Magnitsky Acts he promotes in the West is as a political tool to build a wall against Russia's attempt to have him answer for documented financial frauds totaling at least $100 million, and with new evidence as much as $400 million."

Source: thekomisarscoop.com/2020/07/u-s-uk-harks-back-to-first-pillar-of-new-cold-war-the-magnitsky-hoax/

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I was doing good short term trading 2017-19 and then stopped as the volatility of the Trump years scared me off. It seems financial forces were intentionally causing the volatility. 4/2020 till now it seems like there is a different hidden hand controlling things, currently keeping volatility very low and stocks from falling. I always avoided commodities as it always seem too controlled and corrupt, but I am feeling the same of the equity markets right now. The M2 does have my bottom vent making a sucking sound.

I am also a subscriber to Luongo, and agree with his thesis. I believe the FED is trying to keep the current system alive, while screwing the EU. What would his best case be for an end state in 5-10 years? My best guess is the dollar is still viable and globally important, but heavy inflation has reduced its' buying power. Maybe more than 50%. I think it will be a bumpy road getting there.

Whatever the hidden hand is currently doing to keep volatility super low is making short term trading extremely easy and profitable. I am just starting that again.

Good luck to all of us.

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